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Kazizragore 2 years ago
the fuck are you doing down here? Go back to the movie!
Gardagor 2 years ago
well then lets make it happen
Malanos 2 years ago
Hey sexy, when can we hook up?
Faern 2 years ago
I wanna please u
Jugul 2 years ago
Yeah hell no to all of that. First off a used gift is still a gift and a gift by definition is given freely not by obligation and carries with it nothing but good will which was promptly shat on by the GF's mother, you never look a gift horse in the mouth. Secondly, neither the TV or the computer just stopped working or wore out they were broken by the GF's siblings. Had they been given brand new they'd still be junk now. No one deserves a gift, given to them out the blue as an act of kindness.

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