Bike parts usa sucks



Dugrel 3 years ago
house, senate, fortune 500 companies all have a supermajorty of elite frat boys. tell me how that's changed in the past 40 years? what. one, two token women? one head cover congresswoman who was just elected? sorry but no. your point is not valid.
Kilabar 3 years ago
CG, this is top tier dick slobbing! It's good to know that people in Canada love to share their pleasure to everyone. Keep it up my fellow Canadians, you've certainly earn yourselves a admirer!
Douzuru 3 years ago
Hermosa para meterte toda la verga
Vudoshakar 3 years ago
What’s your kik
Kirisar 3 years ago
Ah, one of those DM's who saw the game as DM versus player, instead of the DM just creating a game for players to enjoy.

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