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Mikajora 2 years ago
Iamladiilyriquexxx Diamonds Daddies membership?
Duzil 2 years ago
I'd make her a very blessed woman!
Sazilkree 2 years ago
I dont accept bad or insufficient evidence. This includes prophecy stuff where I ask for a few specific prophecies and they just tell me to read the whole bible. I do not accept arguments based on fallacies, nor personal testimony, nor unsupported truth claims.
Vojas 2 years ago
My partner was circumcised at the age of 16 due to medical reasons and he said it was the most excruciating pain he has ever experienced and he was in agony for weeks. I can assure you that an uncircumcised penis is far more sensitive as it is protected. Once that protection is removed, it becomes desensitised.
Tuzuru 2 years ago
Talk to me if you want your ass I'll be gentle I promise LOL

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